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Zahida Aslam


I have returned to Higher Education after teaching secondary Science/Chemistry. After teaching the new generation about the impact of climate change etc, I decided that my path was now to contribute to the future of our energy and decided to pursue this course,

Prior to teaching I worked as a Chemist within various disciplines; analytical, process improvement and research. I hold a PGCE and a BSc in Chemistry from the Huddersfield University.

Research Interests

My areas of interests are:

  • Utilisation of alternative fuels in diesel generators.
  • Utilisation of waste streams as biofuels.
  • Emissions during combustion of biofuels.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

I chose the CDT in Bioenergy as it has a unique multi- disciplinary approach which allows the application of your current skill set whilst learning/developing alternative areas all whilst tacking the challenges of climate change.

I also joined the CDT group as it provides a great depth of support from peers as well as the expertise from the academic staff and the wider department.