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Tomi Oladipo


I graduated from Kingston University in 2013 with a BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering. I also worked on the new Terminal 2 airport in Heathrow as an Assistant Project Engineer

Research Interests:

Development of plasma catalytic process for tar reduction from the gasification of biomass waste.

The aims of my research is to investigate the physical and chemical characteristics of the catalyst prepared incorporating plasma treatment and their performance in model compound degradation and tar reduction, investigate different catalysts for reducing tar with minimal catalyst coking and sintering with biomass gasification and down-stream plasma catalyst cleaning. Waste wood will be initially used as the feedstock.

Ni-based catalysts will be designed with different physical and chemical properties e.g. the size of Ni particles, surface properties (surface areas, pore size distribution), metal addition, acidity etc. by manipulation of the preparation methods including impregnation, co-precipitation and sol-gel methods

I will Investigate the packing and loading of catalyst in the plasma reaction system; Plasma conditions e.g. power for plasma, gas flow rate through the unit, residence time etc in relation to tar removal from the biomass gasifier.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy:

During my studies, I was absorbed with one of the final year modules that was particularly focused on whole life cycle emissions of buildings and the energy required to build, maintain and demolish buildings. This fuelled my passion for sustainable alternative sources for energy used in buildings, current buildings use up 45% of the total energy generated either for power or heating, hence my interest in bioenergy.

Supervisors: Professor Paul Williams and Dr Anas Mohamad Nahil