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Toby Green


For my undergraduate degree I studied materials engineering at Loughborough University, during this time I had a placement year at Morgan Advanced Materials. Following my undergraduate degree I studied for a masters in mechanical engineering also at Loughborough University. During my masters year I got involved with a bioenergy start-up company called Aljadix (, this is where my passion for studying bioenergy stems from.

Research Interests

My research area will be within the topic of 'Solar driven thermochemical processes for the creation of biofuel.' This is part of the Africa programme ran within the school.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

I believe that the CDT is a great way to conduct a PhD. Being much more involved with others and working as a team instead of being focused solely on yourself and one title seems like the best way to go. The CDT is providing us with large amounts of training and a great environment to conduct our research in.

I chose a PhD in bioenergy as I believe it is where I can start to make a difference in the world and put my skills to best use. I believe that renewable energy sources need to advance further in order to replace fossil fuels and so as a global community we can start to revert climate change.