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Thomas Penney


BSc Chemistry with Forensic Science - University of Leicester.
MSc Environmental Science - University of East Anglia.

Research Interests:

If we are to limit global temperature rise the world must move towards decarbonisation and alternative powers sources other than fossil fuels. Bioenergy is one such pathway to realise this vision, however more research and development is required. My main research interests are in clean energy, emissions, waste conversion pathways and subsequent products such as biocoal, biocrude and syngas.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy:

The CDT program has an interdisciplinary research focus meaning I can explore new areas and use my current skills to research the options to help move to a low carbon society. The structured four-year programme offers an excellent grounding in the first year, learning key skills and helping to narrow down the research area via undertaking two group projects before deciding the main PhD area. The CDT also has many options for attending training and conferences plus has excellent links with other universities and industrial partners.