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Richard Birley


I have come to Higher Education after a full and varied career having recently left military service after 29 years. I joined the Royal Airforce as an Electrical Technician and have served in a variety of locations and jobs around the World and the UK. One of my specialities was mobile small scale power distribution systems (up to 500kW). During this time I have completed numerous qualifications, including a BSc in Geo/Environmental Science with the Open University and an MSc in Sustainable Power and Energy at the University of Lincoln.

Research Interests

I have a large range of interests in this field; however my principle areas of interest for research lie in the development of lower emissions technology and processes in electrical power production, at both large and medium scale. As our oldest form of energy, Bioenergy can and should have a big part to play in the reduction of harmful emissions including the reduction of NOx.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

When I originally started looking at completing a PhD, I applied to four different universities for research into renewable and sustainable energy (in a variety of guises). When all four replied with a resounding, “we can offer you a place!”, it was decision time. I ultimately chose the CDT in Bioenergy as it offered a broad range of research potential in areas that interest me. When I looked into the field more deeply, it was far greater reaching than I initially thought, and with the ability to pick optional modules that best suited my personal development and the development of a viable industry orientated research theme.