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Iram Razaq


In 2013 I graduated from the University of Bradford with a BSc in Environmental Science. My final year project was looking at the relationship between energy consumption and GDP. This led me on to study an MSc in Energy and Environment at The University of Leeds which I graduated from in December 2014.

Research Interests

My main research interests are in:

  • Biofuels from 3rd generation biomass – mainly algae
  • Energy and nutrient recycling – energy from waste and nutrient recycling in soil and waste water.
  • Life cycle analysis – including the social aspects

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

Whist studying my MSc, I carried out my final project on producing biofuels from microalgae. It was during this period that I realised I really enjoyed carrying out research and the CDT in Bioenergy was recommended to me. The aspects that attracted me to the programme are the flexibility to work on various projects before deciding on a final PhD project, the programme is multidisciplinary and we have the opportunity to contribute towards the future of energy.