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Ella Blanquet


I obtained my BSc & MSc in Chemical Engineering from a Chemical Engineering school in France, the Ecole National Superieure des Industries Chimiques (part of the Universite de Lorraine, Nancy).

I spent 3 years in R&D in Japan before coming to the UK:

  • in the Kyushu Institute of Technology for a 6-month research project in peptide synthesis and their analysis
  • in a French gas company for a 6-month internship and 2-year work placement in plasma reforming working as a research engineer in collaboration with Kyoto University and the University of Shiga Prefecture.

Research Interests

General interests in: Biogasification, biorefineries, bioenergy from algae, application of the bioenergy technologies to the developing world economies.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

After 3 years in research in both academia and industry, I wanted to change my area of research. Getting a PhD in Bioenergy enables me to have experience in the field, to give more credits to my research and being part of the bioenergy outcome. The fact that the CDT gives us access to lectures, personal development skills and a global view of the state of art in Bioenergy interested me highly and pushed my decision to choose for the CDT instead of having a defined project straight away as it is usually done in France for example.