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David Maxwell


MEng/BEng Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds.

Research Interests

Combustion of solid biomass, processing biomass from low grade sources. Analysing the emissions and changes caused by growing biomass on a brownfield site. Having a background in engineering I am very interested in how we can use washing and other pre-treatment methods to remove problematic species and hopefully be able to advise industry on treatment methods of varying biomass. Research is in collaboration within the Supergen Bioenergy Assembly Hub.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

I wasn't sure of the research area I was interested in. Coming into the CDT I thought I wanted to work in transportation and liquid fuels however found a real interest in the chemistry of combustions and the physical mechanisms in slagging and fouling something which I had previous research experience in. Working with my supervisor I now have a project plan which encompasses some research aspects, designs aspects and real world applications something which would have been hard to achieve without the CDT.