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Andrew Price-Allison


I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2015 having completed a bachelor’s degree in Geography (B.Sc.) and a master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (M.Sc.). Upon graduating a worked for a time as a graduate environmental engineer focusing on contaminated land and remediation.

Research Interests

After joining the CDT I worked on a number of projects incorporating Anaerobic Digestion for biogas production and hybrid renewable energy systems as well as potential feedstocks from residue materials. The primary focus of my PhD is within the field of small scale domestic combustion and associated emissions. I have undertaken a number of projects examining the potential for particulate and gaseous emissions likely to arise during the combustion of various domestic fuels. The following phase of my research will focus combustion processes associated with the use of cookstoves and biomass combustion in developing countries. I am particularly interested in examining the influence of particulate emissions, specifically those below 2.5 micrometers, on human health and risk of causing cardiopulmonary disorders.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

I decided to apply for the Bioenergy CDT having decided on a future career within energy and sustainable energy generation. The CDT gives a unique opportunity to explore a variety of themes across the bioenergy discipline. The integrated master’s course gives you the opportunity to research across a number of topics while working with academic research groups and industrial partners. The CDT allows you to gain experience, both academic and technical, prior to starting your independent PhD.