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Flora Brocza


Originally from Austria, I graduated from the University of Vienna with a MSc. (distinction) and BSc. in Earth Sciences. After working for 6 months as a research assistant at the University of Leeds, I decided to continue my education here in the CDT programme.

Research Interests:

My research so far has focused on heavy metal transformations in environmental systems. To understand mercury species transformations at an especially redox-active contaminated site, I have used mercury stable isotope analysis, chemical extractions and X-ray spectroscopic methods. Using chemical characterization from extractions and X-ray absorption spectroscopy, we can understand past transformations using stable isotopes. The integration of analytical tools in messy environmental systems interests me greatly. For my PhD, I will be moving into the field of bioenergy, applying my skills in metal analysis in complex matrices to understanding their dynamics in biomass wastes.

 Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy:

Coming from a geoscience background, I have wanted to transition into a more applied and more engineering-oriented environment. The CDT in bioenergy offers the support to do exactly that. The School of Chemical and Process Engineering is a great place to be to develop my technical skills; at the same time, the University of Leeds offers the opportunity to study environmental and climate change-related problems from a wide variety of angles, with a range of interdisciplinary initiatives.