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Best Poster Prize at EUBCE 2016 - Hana Mandova


At the beginning of June, PhD students from the Bioenergy CDT and the Low Carbon Technologies DTC attended the 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) in Amsterdam.

The students gave multiple oral and poster presentations and demonstrated University of Leeds leading research done in the bioenergy field.

This was further enhanced by Hana Mandová, from the Bioenergy CDT, who won the poster award for the topic “Biomass policies, markets and sustainability”, out of nearly 500 posters presented in total. Hana’s award was one of four given by review experts assessing the quality of the poster content and graphical presentation.

This year, at the 25th EUBCE conference happening in Stockholm, Sweden, Hana has been accepted to give an oral presentation on topic Perspective for the Use of Biomass in the Iron and Steel Industry.