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Samantha Sime


I previously studied at the University of Leeds, where I completed an integrated Masters in Chemistry (MChem). My Masters project was in Physical Atmospheric Chemistry, looking at the radical reactions of Criegee radical intermediates and oxygen recycling by g-valerolactone, which is a potential biofuel.

Research Interests

My main research interests are based in physicalchemistry, specifically the kinetics of a potential biofuel, bio-butanol. I will be looking at the radical reactions kinetics of each of the isomers of butanol with OH by using a laser flash photolysis - induced fluorescence system, and will be looking at this reaction across a range of temperatures.

Why I chose the CDT in Bioenergy

I have always enjoyed Atmospheric Chemistry and have been interested in the impact renewable energy can have on emissions and the atmosphere for a while. The Bioenergy CDT seemed like the perfect way to develop this interest whilst doing a PhD and learning other skills, and also allowing time to research other aspects that I may not have considered as a potential PhD project before.